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November 2, 2011
Create Custom Cheat Sheets for Linux!
By Qushawn Clark
You all probably saw the article a few weeks ago about various Linux cheat sheets to help you feel your way around. While it's nice to have pre-made sheets that you can just download and use, sometimes they don't have everything that you're looking for.

Well, to solve this problem, you can go to a site called and make your own cheat sheets. The cool thing about this site is that it isn't just for programmers, you can make a cheat sheet for just about anything. Last time I checked, people had submitted cheat sheets for "Countries and their Capital Cities" and "Weights and Measures," as well as other programming oriented sheets. Anyone can get on the site and look at sheets that have already been made, but to get started making your own, you have to go ahead and register an account on the site.

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