Features improvements to Btrfs and video card support

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May 22, 2012
Zach Walton Linux Kernel Version 3.4 Now Available
By Zach Walton
It's always strikes me with awe whenever a new version of the Linux kernel is released. The hours of work that developers put into this product is just kind of mind blowing especially when you consider that a lot of the work is done by volunteers. With the newest release, Linux is once again moving forward at a pace unmatched by its open source peers.

Linux 3.4 features a few updates to Btrfs. The first is the availability of a new data recovery tool called btrfs-restore. It's worth pointing out that it doesn't repair damaged filesystems, but rather attempts to pull files from damaged filesystems and copy them to a safe location. Btrfs can also support metadata blocks bigger than 4KB again. It can support blocks up to 64KB, but it's recommended that you stick with 16 or 32KB blocks.

Other general improvements for Btrfs come in the form of performance and error handling. The performance has been improved thanks to not only the increased metadata block sizes, but also a reworked Linux page cache and reduced CPU usage. Previous versions [...]

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