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February 10, 2012
How To Set Up A Tmpfs For Fast Writing/Reading
By Bryan Young
I have been developing a program recently that was doing a large number of reads and writes from the filesystem. This was creating a bottleneck that was slowing my program a significant amount. I had to do something to speed up my program, so i decided to utilize tmpfs to speed everything up.

Most *nix operating systems support creating of a tmpfs, which is a temporary file system entirely in memory. This makes it extremely fast. In fact, depending on which version of *nix you are using, there might already be a tmpfs set up on your system. On our servers (CentOS 6) there is a tmpfs set up at /dev/shm. It is only 2GB, but it is there if needed.

Creating your own tmpfs is as easy as mounting a standard hard drive into a system. First thing to do is to create a directory to mount onto.

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